About Us

XCity Plus is the sister site of XCity, the alumni magazine for City, University of London’s Journalism department.

Run by postgraduate Magazine Journalism students, XCity Plus publishes features, quizzes, news, lists, and videos focusing on current journalistic issues.

Meet the Team

Online Editor – Eoin Murray [email protected] @eoin_murraye

Deputy Online Editor – Charlotte Davey [email protected] @CharlotteDuvet

Multimedia Editor – Charles Mcquaid [email protected] @CharlesMcQuaid

Deputy Multimedia Editor – Emily Bright [email protected] @emilybright2016

Deputy Multimedia Editor – Aleesha Badkar [email protected] @AleeshaBadkar

Online Production Editor – Rochelle Beighton [email protected] @Rochbeights

Online Chief Sub Editor – Laura Rutkowski [email protected] @Laura_Rutkowski

Online Deputy Chief Sub Editor – Rebecca Hastings [email protected] @rebz_hastings

Social Media Editor – Hannah Evans [email protected] @hannahsianevans

Deputy Social Media Editor – Valeriya Chudarova [email protected] @valeryrova

The entire XCity Team 2017. Thanks for reading!

The entire XCity Team 2017. Thanks for reading!