Poll: Which Book Should Every Journalist Read?


Journalists live an endless loop of reading and writing – but it’s sometimes better to escape news in brief and dip into a novel instead.

It’s therapeutic to read books about journalism – to recognise what infuriates us about the industry and more importantly, what makes us fall back in love with it.

For this year’s XCity, we’ve compiled an essential reading list for journalists, as chosen by top book editors, from the Financial Times to The New York Times.

Evelyn Waugh – and his much-loved Scoop – crops up. It’s a tale most journalists know and love, even if the days of extravagant expenses and obscure newspaper departments are but a distant memory. Though the love is not exclusively for Waugh. Michael Frayn’s Towards the End of the Morning is a loving peek into the golden years of Fleet Street.

And they’re not all nostalgic novels: Hack Attack, Nick Davies’ account of the six-year investigation into the News of the World hacking scandal is a scandalous record of recent times. The Tall Man, Chloe Hooper’s investigation into the death of an Aboriginal man is a thriller with shades of In Cold Blood.

Now it’s over to you – does Waugh reign supreme? Or is Hack Attack a more necessary read?






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