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6 photography and editing apps that will make your Instagram stand out

The latest statistics from Sprout Social suggest that the number of monthly active Instagram users has grown to a staggering one billion. Despite offering great opportunities to find new followers and communities to interact with, this number also means it’s harder to make your content stand out, although Instagram can be a hugely useful tool for journalists, and accounts can have a major impact

Luckily for you, XCity Plus has (at least some of) the answers. The variety of free apps on offer nowadays means you have all the tools you need to make your Instagram stunning and promote your personal brand. The six apps below will turn your personal page into a feed worth following.


The delightful VSCO Cam allows you to edit photos to give your feed a coherent look. You can decide to go with a manual edit, or apply one of the 10 free filters. Alternatively,  if you’re feeling really fancy, opt for a premium subscription at £18.49 – which gives you access to 100+ filters, plus limited edition extras.


If you don’t want to focus so much on the editing, Over’s selection of graphics and templates are another way to add some consistency to your feed. Textures, typography, shapes and patterns are at your disposal with this superpowered app.

A Design Kit

To add some cute stickers and patterns to your photos to give them some personality, use A Design Kit. It also has some gorgeous metallic brushes – so you can doodle to your heart’s content. It offers a good selection of fonts if you want to add words to your feed.


Making your stories stand out is so important when your followers are used to just flicking through feeds absentmindedly. You have to do something to get their attention. But to really make your Instagram stories pop, you have to think outside of the app. Unfold allows you to create striking Instagram stories, providing you with fun layouts, designs and borders that will make your images stand out. Unfold also has a range of fonts that let you get a lot more creative than the five options available in the Instagram app.


Ever see an Instagram page and wonder how they made it so aesthetically pleasing? It wasn’t an accident. For a really cohesive feed, plan ahead of time. Use UNUM to see how your Instagram feed will look before sharing your photo, to make sure you’re not clashing colours, or posting too many selfies next to each other. Planning your page will help you curate a feed that looks intentional, which will help you build a strong brand identity.


For fun, personal photographs that get noticed, Huji is the one. Huji is a play on the disposable Fuji cameras, and gives your pictures a retro effect. Either take a photo in-app, or upload an image from your camera roll, and Huji will apply effects like noise, dust specks and light leaks, and even a vintage time stamp. Perfect for a #ThrowbackThursday.


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